Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats (Walmart Soundcheck 2009)


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  • joel vasquez villanueva
    joel vasquez villanueva  2 months back

    She sounds exactly like the record

    • woolie286
      woolie286  4 months back

      1:35 crazy!!

      • joel vasquez villanueva
        joel vasquez villanueva  4 months back

        Record of the year nominee!!!

        • Mircea Popescu
          Mircea Popescu  4 months back

          Looooveeeyooouuu Carrie.

          • discoveryman59
            discoveryman59  4 months back

            Her name SHOULD be Carrie Fisher!! And she calls herself a Christian?? Its ALL about the MONEY with her!!!

            • SmudgeIsTired
              SmudgeIsTired  4 months back

              a true christian wouldnt be such a cunt over a surname lol

            • discoveryman59
              discoveryman59  4 months back

              @joel vasquez villanueva ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and you know it! a TRUE Christian would change her name, as a singer she is very good.

            • joel vasquez villanueva
              joel vasquez villanueva  4 months back

              Oh yeah!! Of course... she changed genre to get more money! Pleaseeee!!!!!! Even if country music is so macho man she stick in it!!!!!! She is the best singer in the world!!!!!

            • discoveryman59
              discoveryman59  4 months back

              @ElBelle Music My bad then.

            • ElBelle Music
              ElBelle Music  4 months back

              discoveryman59 legally she did take her husbands name it’s just professionally she didn’t

          • rose218
            rose218  4 months back

            My most favorite Carrie song

            • Green Eyed Teen
              Green Eyed Teen  4 months back

              Girl I love you
              I hope you can record new songs cause I love ur voice and it would be great to hear new sounds from you
              LOTS OF LOVE❤

              • Rachel Dickson
                Rachel Dickson  4 months back

                Hi Carrie, was hoping for more songs so was so happy to see this video! Love this song! Such a bad ass song! Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

                • Belle MoonPlays
                  Belle MoonPlays  4 months back

                  UwU Carrie I loveee your voice :'3

                  • Ryan Streuli
                    Ryan Streuli  4 months back

                    Great memories

                    • Jenna love
                      Jenna love  4 months back

                      Omg she is so amazing

                      • Pedro Lucas
                        Pedro Lucas  4 months back

                        Takes me back to the old days. Amazing song! Love her!

                        • Thomas Böddeker
                          Thomas Böddeker  4 months back

                          Eine wunderschöne junge Frau mit einer Stimme zum niederknieen, eine tolle Backgroundsängerin und schon fast begnadete Musiker zusammen in einem Raum und DAS kommt dann dabei heraus! Erstklassige, wunderschöne Musik!!! Danke für alle Lieder von Carrie Underwood sagt Thomas, ein großer Fan aus dem fernen und schönen Deutschland! 💙💙💙💙

                          • 10,000 subs without no video challenge

                            The best thing to come out from talent shows.
                            Sings better live than 90% of her peers.
                            Her debut album sells more than 7m+ copies worldwide.
                            Only country artist to debut at number 1 and only artist to have a no1 in 2000's decade.
                            7 Grammy awards..
                            I'm tired of listing her accomplishments cuz it's so many...
                            Continue in the comment section👍

                            • Olivia garner
                              Olivia garner  4 months back

                              She is SOOOOO amazing absolutely no words so amazing in Glasgow live loved it 😁😁

                              • Kellsie Thornton
                                Kellsie Thornton  4 months back

                                love this song