Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer


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  • Luke Flancher
    Luke Flancher  2 minutes back

    Prediction: the end of the game will be Alyx fighting the Overwatch soldiers who almost capture Gordon in the beginning of HL2

    • DerpWon
      DerpWon  28 minutes back

      alrighty boys mission accomplish, now let’s wait for left for dead VR

      • Jamie Vatarga
        Jamie Vatarga  16 minutes back

        There's already been leaks of a new l4d VR

    • gonza 58
      gonza 58  40 minutes back

      I am ok

      • Conner
        Conner  40 minutes back

        How did this fly under my radar for a full 2 weeks?

        • Direto ao Ponto
          Direto ao Ponto  44 minutes back

          Valve dont know how to count At 3

          • Direto ao Ponto
            Direto ao Ponto  45 minutes back


            • Sebastian Ubeda
              Sebastian Ubeda  45 minutes back


              • гамбургер гамбургеевич

                1:02 эй скаут что ты тут делаешь

                • User One
                  User One  50 minutes back

                  VR only?? fak you men, not kool.

                  • Jamie Vatarga
                    Jamie Vatarga  30 minutes back

                    The game is completely built around VR mechanics. They wanted to make it work on keyboard and mouse, but it reached a point where they wouldn't be able to without watering down many of the mechanics.

                    Luckily this is a prequel and not Half life 3

                • chacala
                  chacala  1 hours back

                  this game is VR

                  • Jamie Vatarga
                    Jamie Vatarga  29 minutes back

                    @Big Farbo remember to get to bed early. Your middle school classes start early tomorrow

                  • Big Farbo
                    Big Farbo  59 minutes back

                    no its VG or virtual g.a.y.a.lity. you strap a laser d.ild.o to your head a walk around the room while you get your cancer and move your arms. you also become g.a.y as you play.

                  • Jamie Vatarga
                    Jamie Vatarga  1 hours back


                • chacala
                  chacala  1 hours back


                  • zR4pTor
                    zR4pTor  1 hours back

                    Can this be considered half life 3?

                    • AlucaBr Games
                      AlucaBr Games  2 hours back

                      Im no need VR, SRY but no.

                      • EL KEVIN
                        EL KEVIN  2 hours back

                        Half-Life 3?

                        • Tuukka Oranen
                          Tuukka Oranen  2 hours back

                          Wait so is this not a the next game in the half life timeline because freeman isnt in this game

                        • Big Oof
                          Big Oof  2 hours back

                          If Half life 3 exist soon Team Fortress 3 will exist

                          • YoYo Master
                            YoYo Master  2 hours back

                            So is this half life 3 or just a port to VR?

                            • EVOLICIOUS
                              EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                              Neither. This is ground-up VR flagship game that is a prequel to HL2 where you play as Alyx that helps the rebels fight the Combine.

                          • KaineRaid
                            KaineRaid  2 hours back

                            *Passes out after looking at my bank balance after buying the valve index*

                            Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and shine.

                            • Guilherme Leach Taylor
                              Guilherme Leach Taylor  3 hours back

                              Left 4 dead 3

                              • EVOLICIOUS
                                EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                L4DVR has been confirmed already, the leaks are out.

                            • Trixy Trixy
                              Trixy Trixy  3 hours back

                              Gaben: We made a new game that everyone has been waiting for.
                              Everyone: (Cheering)
                              Gaben: Is Half life...
                              Gaben: A L Y X
                              Everyone: BOOOO!

                              • Jonathan Holland
                                Jonathan Holland  1 hours back

                                @EVOLICIOUS nobody wants your shitty vr system!!!!!!!!!!!! valve is sinking like the titanic.

                              • EVOLICIOUS
                                EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                Salty peasants: waaaaaa my google cardboard doesn't play HL:A!!!
                                Actually everyone: Fuck yesssss!!!

                            • Reanu Keeves
                              Reanu Keeves  3 hours back

                              I'm kind of sad that they changed Freeman's voice actor

                              • Mel S
                                Mel S  3 hours back

                                creaming my pants rn

                                • Pabesk
                                  Pabesk  3 hours back

                                  Looks like im going to buy a VR and a bucket
                                  This shit always make me want to puke
                                  I just hope there is no hovercraft

                                  • Jamie Vatarga
                                    Jamie Vatarga  2 hours back

                                    @Pabesk oh yeah. Racing without having your VR legs yet would definitely give you nausea. Lol
                                    Usually it takes a week to get used to movement in VR. That's why Valve built the game with the option to use teleportation, so you're not actively moving if you're not used to it. Glad that can be switched off though.

                                    The Vive itself was low resolution and has been discontinued for a little while now in place of newer higher resolution systems

                                  • Pabesk
                                    Pabesk  2 hours back

                                    @Jamie Vatarga It was in a arcade room, in a game named ''Overtake VR'' and it's with the "HTC Vive" i guess ! But maybe i put it bad, i dont know. Or maybe it was a bad idea to try VR for the first time in a race car game...

                                  • Jamie Vatarga
                                    Jamie Vatarga  3 hours back

                                    There's an option to play with teleportation if you get motion sick. May I ask, what VR system you used? Some are known to cause motion sickness while most newer ones and games don't

                                • Jonathan Holland
                                  Jonathan Holland  3 hours back

                                  HALF LIFE THE REVOLUTION. coming 2015.

                                  • Chase F
                                    Chase F  4 hours back

                                    Boo, nobody wants a shitty on the rails half-life vr game. Disappointed is an understatement

                                    • Jamie Vatarga
                                      Jamie Vatarga  14 minutes back

                                      @Jonathan Holland there's a behind the scenes interview with valve that's been out for a while now. I recommend watching it. Also every half life game was a set story with liner progression for the story to take place

                                    • Jonathan Holland
                                      Jonathan Holland  2 hours back

                                      @EVOLICIOUS ^ works at valve lol

                                    • EVOLICIOUS
                                      EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                      @Chase F WRONG. Did you not watch the video?? It's not on rails, everyone that has played the game has said that there is plenty of movement and levels you have to explore.

                                    • EVOLICIOUS
                                      EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                      @Jonathan Holland stfu, dumbass liar, that isn't even remotely true.

                                    • Jonathan Holland
                                      Jonathan Holland  2 hours back

                                      this gayme looks linear as hell. definitely not open world. you follow ''paths'' instead of free movement or the maps are very small. 1 minute trailer that proves and shows us almost nothing is not enough for most people to drop 4 grand on shitty vr and video card upgrade.

                                  • Matteo Scognamiglio
                                    Matteo Scognamiglio  4 hours back

                                    Only VR? :( It's great to see new Half Life but there are people who still enjoy playing on their computer

                                    • Jamie Vatarga
                                      Jamie Vatarga  13 minutes back

                                      @EVOLICIOUS a bit harsh there bro

                                    • Jonathan Holland
                                      Jonathan Holland  1 hours back

                                      ​@EVOLICIOUS ''dumb pancake'' ''valve only makes vr games'' ''been like this for almost a decade now'' lol!! xD oh gosh.. this is hilarious.

                                    • EVOLICIOUS
                                      EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                      Valve only makes VR games. It's been like this for almost a decade now. Either get VR, or stick with your dumb pancake.

                                  • Easy Russia
                                    Easy Russia  4 hours back

                                    ✔Achievement unlocked: Survive enough to see another Half-Life game.

                                    • Oliver Maynard
                                      Oliver Maynard  4 hours back

                                      1:29 Anybody else notice the y takes slightly longer to disappear? That's a Lambda reference. Be cool to see more Black Mesa in this game!

                                      • thatboredguy
                                        thatboredguy  5 hours back

                                        half life 3 will come out when there is a new technological evolution in the gaming industry

                                        • Tobias
                                          Tobias  5 hours back

                                          ok, now we wait for Team fortress: *THe defender*

                                          • Simon Regan
                                            Simon Regan  5 hours back

                                            Is the fact that we see humanoid Combine an indication that time travel is involved, as we are told this takes place shortly after the Seven Hour War? Or did Valve forget the Combine Soldiers were enhanced humans?

                                            • Jamie Vatarga
                                              Jamie Vatarga  4 hours back

                                              There's lots of speculation this involves time travel

                                          • IHateMyMate
                                            IHateMyMate  5 hours back

                                            Half life vr

                                            PORTAL VR?!?!??!
                                            WAIT WHAAAT

                                            • 1 Hour of content
                                              1 Hour of content  6 hours back

                                              Atleast they finally confirmed half life 3

                                              • Stormrage
                                                Stormrage  6 hours back

                                                Me: 1, 2, 3
                                                Valve: 1, 2, 2: episode 1, 2: episode 2, Alyx

                                                • The Plush Productions! TPP

                                                  So does this mean portal 3 and team fortress 3

                                                  • Ra's Al Ghul
                                                    Ra's Al Ghul  7 hours back

                                                    Friends: Dude, you're telling me you're going to spend two thousand dol..

                                                    Me: Yes!! 😑👍🏻

                                                    • EVOLICIOUS
                                                      EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                                      You can easily spend under $1000 to get a vr-ready PC and a VR kit......

                                                  • Axel 160
                                                    Axel 160  7 hours back

                                                    0:38 el Chavo del 8 cuando sea anciano xd

                                                    • Kevin Morrison
                                                      Kevin Morrison  8 hours back

                                                      Whay to alienate 3/4 of your user base with this ignorant bullshit thinking we all have (or even want) some absurdly priced VR! So what is it Valve, clearly you have some VR device you are going to push in our face and tell us if we want to play we need to pay! KISS MY ASS!

                                                      • EVOLICIOUS
                                                        EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                                        lol, Kevin, you are a moron.

                                                      • ExplodingFistInVag
                                                        ExplodingFistInVag  5 hours back


                                                      • Jamie Vatarga
                                                        Jamie Vatarga  5 hours back

                                                        Completely missing the point here. They know their market, and decided to make the best game they can think of even if it won't bring in high sales. That's why this is a different title and story line rather than being half life 3

                                                        Half life 3 will likely have traditional keyboard and mouse, but will probably lack the functionality of this game since this is fully built around the capability of VR

                                                    • Иван Кукушкин

                                                      Gabe thank you for such a good game I'm waiting for HALF-LIFE: 3 part and will wait all my life

                                                      • alinzelnan
                                                        alinzelnan  8 hours back

                                                        well good for everyone who has a VR headset. I'm still waiting on HL3

                                                        • EVOLICIOUS
                                                          EVOLICIOUS  2 hours back

                                                          HL3 will be in VR. Better hurry and get a VR kit. Boneworks comes out next week too!

                                                      • SYDFX
                                                        SYDFX  8 hours back

                                                        İts happeninggg........ OH GOD İTS HAPPENİNG THE END İS NEAR!!!

                                                        • KdzuK KnoxX
                                                          KdzuK KnoxX  8 hours back

                                                          Time... im old... Please be good like all HL saga.

                                                          • Mihail Samodurow
                                                            Mihail Samodurow  9 hours back

                                                            It look so fantastic

                                                            • gyno
                                                              gyno  9 hours back

                                                              I just wanna get high and chill to a great game, not flail my arms around for 10 hours straight.

                                                              • Макс Науменко

                                                                Люди залайкайте этот комент , что бы американцы думали что тут написано что-то умное !

                                                                • The Crafting Kid
                                                                  The Crafting Kid  9 hours back

                                                                  wait wait wait if this is kinda half life 3 and its in vr does that mean that if we get a portal 3 it will also be in vr

                                                                  • Jamie Vatarga
                                                                    Jamie Vatarga  9 hours back

                                                                    They were originally going to make a portal 3 in VR, but they feared flying through the air would cause motion sickness for people new to VR, so they switched to half life

                                                                • Duatia
                                                                  Duatia  9 hours back

                                                                  You could not succeed without me... and where did that leave you? Counting to Three...

                                                                  • The Monster 2.0
                                                                    The Monster 2.0  9 hours back

                                                                    Well technically this is half life 3