Steam Remote Play Together Event - Heave Ho (rebroadcast segment 01 of 10)

  • Published: 23 November 2019
  • SirActionSlacks hangs out with friends from all over the world to demonstrate the new Steam Remote Play Together feature.

    Playing Heave Ho with Purge, Sunsfan, and Sheever
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Comments • 28

  • MrPie 28
    MrPie 28  6 days back

    Can you please add an anti-cheat into TF2 instead of playing

    • Zev
      Zev  2 months back

      The complementary "Oh no" that we all know and love from Purge 12:20

      • Linden Fate
        Linden Fate  2 months back

        10:48 gameplay

        • Herman Wong
          Herman Wong  2 months back

          valve making a long awaited comeback, finally

          • gsomslayer
            gsomslayer  2 months back

            am i the only one who finds it odd how sheever lives in america yet has an accent?

            • AntonioModer
              AntonioModer  2 months back


              • Thot Patrol
                Thot Patrol  2 months back

                valves personalities is all dota

                • bajosi
                  bajosi  2 months back

                  I tried it and it seems 144p to me. And too laggy. Useless for my country.

                  • Felex
                    Felex  2 months back

                    i've been seeing a ton of steam uploads lately in my feed, never clicked on them, saw siractionslacks on the thumbnail on this one and BOOM lick right away

                    • Takos_360
                      Takos_360  1 months back

                      I would also lick right away at that.

                  • Jay Nathan
                    Jay Nathan  2 months back

                    41:50 lol purge knows he did a bad, that sly look on his face tells it all, as slacks flames sunsfan, fucking love it

                    • Nelbein Nono
                      Nelbein Nono  2 months back

                      Siractionslacks KEKW

                      • Jirka Šraier
                        Jirka Šraier  2 months back

                        Somebody at VALVe doesnt understand how YTB f-ing works. DONT upload 10 videos in a row like nothing happens, that will make ppl hate your channel and unsubscribe.

                        • JAlden Yakobis
                          JAlden Yakobis  2 months back

                          DOTA2 is leaking again...

                          • Vizorous
                            Vizorous  2 months back

                            Thanks Valve, very cool

                            • Purifie
                              Purifie  2 months back

                              Who else has been a fan of Valve before 2019?!

                              👇🏼Gifting my next 122 loyal subs a 🎁

                              • Cyriaque B
                                Cyriaque B  2 months back

                                got more than 300 game on steam ... waited for YEARS for something and see THAT. please tell me this is a joke

                            • Clownsage
                              Clownsage  2 months back

                              Dota fans always loves to watch sunsfan and his crew its much more fun then i expected😍

                              • Ackrien
                                Ackrien  2 months back

                                There are only 8 comments at the moment of writing this.

                                • melc311
                                  melc311  2 months back

                                  This looks loads of fun. Only if I had friends

                                  • KimoyaFTW
                                    KimoyaFTW  2 months back

                                    sub box is spammed with out of order videos but all is forgiven because its valve and they need to warm up being active again

                                    • DJ9935
                                      DJ9935  2 months back


                                      • redbeardsescapades
                                        redbeardsescapades  2 months back

                                        pls bring back dota2 items for index preorder :( #NAIXCRAB

                                        • The dude Lol
                                          The dude Lol  2 months back

                                          Wait why is portal music and the portal persons in the beginning? PORTAL 3 CONFIRMED

                                          • Nathan Chen
                                            Nathan Chen  2 months back

                                            heavy update

                                            • Nigel Thronberry
                                              Nigel Thronberry  2 months back

                                              What are you doing valve

                                              • HenryCGS
                                                HenryCGS  2 months back

                                                Out of all channels on youtube, Valve is the one I least expected to spam my sub box

                                                • PotatoSebs
                                                  PotatoSebs  2 months back

                                                  THE UPLOAD ORDER IS NOT CORRECT, REEEEEEE