Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less


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    `  3 hours back

    19:02 You didn't actually remove the sin

    • Hedgehog Jedi
      Hedgehog Jedi  4 hours back

      It's funny how this three hour movie got a measly 104 sins while others are shorter in length and yet have more.

      • Summer Tyme
        Summer Tyme  3 hours back

        Hedgehog Jedi It’s obvious that they really liked the movie but are providing ‘fan service’ for CinemaSins subscribers who expect them to provide ammo for hating on - whatever movie.
        The results were weak and disingenuous. Still good for baiting the haters into their own quagmire where they have to admit there are few objective errors in the film.

    • Pokemon champion Daniellopera

      Wait since they can time travel why did captain marvel, ant man, and maybe iron man go to the final battle in infinity war and kill thanos before he uses the stones and the one in the past wouldn’t question it.

      • Summer Tyme
        Summer Tyme  7 hours back

        Professor Hulk: “Changing the past doesn’t change the future”

    • Axel Rodríguez
      Axel Rodríguez  8 hours back

      Raven Isabela moner
      Starfire rosa Salazar
      Robin Damián Wayne Jemery runner terra Madison Wolfe cyberborg Ray Fisher

    • Flashstar 123
      Flashstar 123  9 hours back

      Imagine if Pewdiepie makes a video called “Everything wrong with everything wrong with Avengers: Endgame”

      • Johnny G
        Johnny G  13 hours back

        Think god i didn't went to go see the endgame because it sucks ass because Captain Marvel ruined it the movie

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  6 hours back

          Captain Marvel 1.2 billion Endgame 2.8 billion = 4 billion.

          Just admit you couldn’t afford the tickets and be done with it. 😂

      • Doktor Marvel
        Doktor Marvel  13 hours back

        Chci Cz titulky

        • Juke Box
          Juke Box  15 hours back

          Ross and the US military should of been one of the army’s coming out a Dr. Strange portal

          • Phoenix Masami
            Phoenix Masami  15 hours back

            What the hell is with ur voice

            • Summer Tyme
              Summer Tyme  16 hours back

              *Time Travel Minutes or Less* 😂
              Use the analogy of the phone system, to understand Time Travel in EndGame as it is modeled on that.

              Carrier = Quantum Tunnel = time machine (Quantum Realm is where the time vortexes are)
              GPS = cell phone
              Pym Particle = battery

              The Quantum Tunnel is where all the calls actually go. It's the part of the system that knows where you are, and connects you to someone else.

              Analogy: If you talk to someone on your cell phone - you can't see the phone company in the middle - but they are there and without them the phones don't work.

              Time travel begins with Quantum Tunnel.

              You enter the Quantum Realm.

              You signal the Quantum Tunnel, with the GPS, to inform it where to forward or transfer your (call) destination.

              When the Avengers travel from 2012 further back in time to 1970, the process is still the same.

              They still shrink into the Quantum Realm and the GPS is still a cell phone talking to the Quantum Tunnel at Avengers tower - again this is the service provider.

              But this time - instead of bringing them back to Service Center - it forwards them on - to the their next destination.
              Of course it's all SCI_FI silliness but just from watching the film with a functioning brain, you understand more about how time travel works in this one film from 60 years of Doctor Who.

              End Game has the smartest conception of time travel of any major Hollywood film, in history. 😂

              • Lugas
                Lugas  17 hours back

                How does he turn the stone back to the tesseract

                • Lugas
                  Lugas  3 hours back

                  @Summer Tyme btw if all of those are branches, then how exactly does he go back to them as an old man

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                  Answer in one sentence: Cap does not take back the tesseract or the scepter because he does not intend to, because there is no point in doing so.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                  ”it’s more like that I understood my question”

                  You still don’t understand it. You even said and I quote “tesseract basically create Scarlett Witch’s powers” -> *Wrong* Her powers come from the mind stone.

                  You are really confused and should listen more carefully and stop trying to argue - then you might understand the answers to your questions.

                  Otherwise you can just keep yourself confused. That’s no trick, anyone can do that.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                  “How do they not make a branch time line”
                  ⬆️ This is the *core* of your misunderstanding.

                  They already created branch timelines when they went back to the past.

                  They originally intended to be able to reconverge the timelines when they took the stones back.

                  But - and this the part I’ve explained 3 times in this thread and you simply reply like you never read it:

                  *The time travels all go haywire - creating branches in time that cannot be reconverged just by taking back the stones.*

                  Taking back the stones - doesn’t change the fact that Thanos and Gamora and Nebula are dead in the 2014 timeline, or that Loki escaped from the 2012 timeline, for example.

                  So the case is not that you can put the scepter back in the mind stone and give it back to Hydra (????) and that timeline disappears. That timeline still exists - the Loki Disney series is *based on that timeline.*

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                  “How do they return the stone to Natalie”
                  ⬆️ Natalie is dead. You have habit of asking unclear questions. If you mean return the soul stone - then it has no vessel to begin with. If you mean the space stone - or tersseract then Natalie has nothing to do with it. You need to clarify your questions if you want clear answers.

              • Marlon Elliott
                Marlon Elliott  1 days back

                Thanos and his Hate boner caused all that? Damn.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  19 hours back

                  Character is neither motivated by lust nor hate. And comment isn’t funny, just dumb.

              • Marlon Elliott
                Marlon Elliott  1 days back

                Maybe they could've time traveled to 2020 and got Black Widow from there. LOL.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  23 hours back

                  This is a fallacy which people have a hard time coming to grips with because death is hard. Black Widow and Tony Stark *are dead* - you can’t make them be alive again by creating an alternate reality based on your past. The Black Widow and Tony Stark of this reality would still be dead. And in your alternate reality - if you remove the persons from that reality and bring them into this one - you have *killed them* in their own reality as well.

                  In your 2020 reality - Thanos has snapped away 1/2 the population and on top of that, Black Widow is now dead. Let’s assume that Antman is released from the Quantum Realm in 2023 - - - when those Avengers try to travel back in time again - they will encounter the same problem with reviving Thanos *again* and this time there is no Black Widow to get the soul stone.

                  The potential outcome of your action - is that *Thanos wins* in the alternate reality you created - and then proceeds to *wipe out the entire multiverse.*

                  And for what - all because you had the misguided delusion that you could use time travel to cheat death.

                  You *can’t* cheat death in multiverse time travel - period. Those who think otherwise - just aren’t thinking clearly.

              • sIueth
                sIueth  1 days back

                Half the beings in the Earth doesnt mean every planet gets cut in half in population so its actually very very very unlikely that Earth would get effected as much as the movie portrays.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  23 hours back

                  No no -more would die or less would die because -> [exhibition of math skills that would make 3rd grade teacher weep] 😂

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  23 hours back

                  sIueth No you are wrong. People reach all kinds of mind bogglingly wrong and contradictory conclusions from *everyone on the planet would die* to hardly anyone on the planet would die.

                  It’s actually crystal clear that 1/2 of humanity would die. Why? Because that’s exactly what Thanos says he will do -> *When I’m done - 1/2 of humanity will still be alive.* - Thanos.
                  And From Black Widow - > “He did exactly what he said he would do - he wiped out 50 % of living creatures.”

                  Any other conclusion is based upon wacky assumptions from fan fiction + bad math + bad logic and has nothing to do with anything Thanos ever said he intended to do, or was shown to have happened in the film. Lol. Lazy film watching strikes again.

              • Summer Tyme
                Summer Tyme  1 days back

                *Plot Hole Thread* .
                Let's discuss supposed plot holes in Avengers EndGame. There are very few. Most of the ones named in the video and its supporting threads are not plot holes. They are *mistakes* of the film reviewer. Endgame is a film that is created at a high school and above educational level. This is unusual for a film based on comics - but the Infinity Gauntlet story, like Watchmen - is an unusually sophisticated story, and Feige and the Russo's are smart filmmakers.

                [unlike Zack Snyder - who's Watchmen was a dumbed down version of a brilliant story and so rightly *despised* by the original author]

                Unfortunately CinemaSins has many subscribers who are simply *not at educational level of the film.* So let's discuss, feel free to bring up any plot hole - real or imagined for discussion in the thread [I don't really expect any replies, due to -> 🐔🐔🐔🐔 , but the offer was made, so...

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  43 minutes back

                  *Not a plot hole 17 -* Hulk should have gotten a rematch.

                  You have understand thematics in order to know why this is a bad idea. The Infinity Gauntlet Saga is based on the premise that the villain becomes so powerful that the heroes *can’t* defeat him with their super powers. The consequences of this - is what the film is about. Those consequences are

                  A) - The villain wins - Infinity Wars.
                  B) - The heroes have to change in order to survive the reality of their loss and grief - *EndGame*

                  For Banner change comes from realizing that Hulk’s strength was not enough to defeat Thanos, nor was Banner’s intellect. He had to combine them both.

                  Only Professor Hulk combining Banner’s brains and Hulks brawn could help lead the Avengers to a resolution (however incomplete) to the devastation Thanos wrought.

                  Hulk metaphorically arm-wrestles Thanos for the future of the Universe - in a contest of wills and spirit and intellect, not just an exhibition of savage brutality.

                  So yes - Hulk needs to ‘snap’ , not punch his way out of this one, and in order to do that, he has to become a better version of himself. It’s his defeat to Thanos that necessitates the solution to his split personality conflict. This is not the story of Hulk get angry - Hulk smash.

                  *That’s called - every other Hulk story ever made.* By asking for this, toxic fans are demanding a ‘bad film’ - redundant, self contradictory, and boring. (As Hulk’s critically panned solo film was)

                  Hulk smash fans need to stop trying to make this film into a completely different one. You try to catch two squirrels at the same time - you end up with nothing. 😂 You’d think the disaster of WB’s Batman V. Superman [which tries to combine Doomsday, Apokilips, Dark Knight Returns, and Justice League origin story] would have taught them that lesson.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                  *Not a plot hole 16 -* Steve should have given the shield to Bucky, not Sam. [aka fan service demand from BuckyStans]

                  *Nope* - this is based upon the fallacy of - “I read a comic book once, and so get to decide how the films work” 😂

                  Per Kevin Feige - the MCU draws on characters and stories from the comics - but will always tell original stories, and has its own canon. No comic book can ever dictate to the MCU how the stories are supposed to go. Sorry toxic fan boy.

                  What is required of the MCU is internal consistence with its own story telling.

                  In this story Bucky is lifelong brainwashed hydra assassin who as of Endgame is even now only semi-stable.

                  He also among other things - killed Howard Stark - who created the original shield, and he’s wanted by the US government as the terrorist behind the embassy bombing.

                  He is *hiding* in Wakanda at the time of the snap for these reasons.

                  The idea that Steve Rogers would give the shield to Bucky with any expectation that anything would happen other than that it would be immediately confiscated by the US government - is absurd. The idea that Bucky even wants this shield - as a memento to the life of a man he *brutally murdered* is equally insane.

                  Buckystans here provide for one of the worst examples of the demand for ‘fan service’ you will ever witness. Fan service really means ignoring the logic of your own story to provide fans with a desired outcome that makes no sense instead.

                  A recent example of this kind of fan service occurred in the nefarious ending of Game of Thrones - where Jon Snow Murders the Dragon Queen, and the Dragon retaliates by burning the Throne, instead of Jon, as it obviously would have. Pure fan service, at its worst. [Dragon chooses literary metaphor/ over vengeance - to avoid angering Jon Snow-stans]

                  Toxic fan boys need to leave the writing to real writers. 😂

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                  *Not a plot hole 15 -* Captain Marvel should have/would have snapped.

                  Nope. Multiple errors in film viewing here.

                  1) Characters act according to what they know, and who they are. They are not film viewers who - watched the film, are upset at the outcome, and want to rewrite to create a fake happy ending based on 20/20 hindsight. 😂

                  2) Captain Marvel was not asked to put the Gauntlet on - she was asked to get the Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel.

                  3) Captain America would *never* have asked Carol Danvers to put the Gauntlet on - risking both her life and the entire Universe because he knows he could never put the Gauntlet on himself. That’s not who Cap is.

                  4) Captain Marvel would never even try to put the Gauntlet on - because it’s sized for the Hulk - and not for a normal human hand.

                  5) Captain Marvel *does not know* about the nano tech Gauntlet (and its re-sizing), or even why Thanos is alive again, or how to destroy him.

                  6) Captain Marvel is not a genius - did not create the Infinity Gauntlet in the 1st place -and there is no evidence that she would know how to use it, she knows nothing of the soul stone, the soul stone sacrifice and has no ties to person( Nat) that was sacrificed. Unlike Thanos, Professor Hulk and Stark who meet all of those requirements.

                  7) Every use of the Infinity Gauntlet permanently damages the Gauntlet and the person who uses it - > The Hulk Gauntlet has already been used - and there is no assurance that it would contain a second snap. The consequences of failure are not only that the person could die - but that the Multiverse could be destroyed - which is in fact how Thanos intends to use it.

                  Even the Hulk or Thor or Thanos may not have been able to snap again with the same *damaged* Gauntlet.

                  8) What Captain Marvel would do - is *exactly what she does do.* She works with her team to try to get the Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel.

                  When that fails, *she fights Thanos...* which she has every reason to believe she is capable of doing *she would not react in desperate terror and try to use the stones somehow because she assumes she can’t win.* She uses her own skill and power set which she knows - as opposed to resorting to the most dangerous ‘weapon’ in the MCU and which she does not know.

                  9) She succeeded in preventing Thanos from snapping for long enough for Iron Man to pull off the Stark Maneuver, and get the stones off of the Gauntlet with nano-tech, since no one ever (in either Infinity War or EndGame) was able to take the gauntlet from Thanos.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                  *Not a plot hole 14 -* Iron Man didn’t have to die! 😭 😡

                  This one exploits that fact that fans can’t accept death or difficult consequences for their favorite characters in serial story telling. They will then go to the ends of the ‘universe’ to contort logic and damage sanity to find the loop hole by which their favorite character doesn’t have to die. The arguments is:

                  Tony didn’t have to snap - he could have just used one stone - or given Thanos a dirty look instead. 😂
                  Answer: Tony was dead from the moment he put the Gauntlet on. It is literally explained when the Avengers decide it has to be Professor Hulk - that none of the rest of them would survive.
                  The Gauntlet among other things gives off deadly radiation. Moreover this is shown *coursing thru Stark’s body* before he snaps. He’s a dead man at that point - period.

                  Tony needs to repair the Universe by wiping Thanos out across multiple timelines. Many of you *absolutely do not get this.* The Thanos from this Universe is already dead - the problem the Avengers face from the moment they go back in time - is that Thanos now exists *again* in every timeline they create. *You mess with time, time messes back* - Iron Man.

                  They have to wipe Thanos out across the multiple timelines they have created. This can only be done by snapping.

                  Dr. Strange knows this, and Iron Man knows this. They knows *it’s the only way to win.* Just trying to kill Thanos standing in front of you - but doing nothing to repair the alternate timelines where Thanos is again alive solves nothing. Thanos either reappears again from another timeline - or he just destroys the multiverse from an alternate timeline.

                  Once you don’t understand the multiverse time travel in the film - which many of you don’t...then you don’t understand the film at all, or anything that is happening in it.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                  *Not a plot hole 13 -* Peggy Carter’s appearance.

                  Hayley Atwell is 37. Peggy Carter was born in 1922. In 1948 - she is 26, in 1970 she is 48. The actual actress real age is between the ages of the two versions of the character she plays on screen. She is neither aged nor de-aged using CG. She simply plays both roles. Whether she looks any older or younger or too old or too young - is purely subjective. *Good luck getting a 37 year old actress to add fake wrinkles so she can appear to be clearly 10 years older.* 😂 Try to stay in the ‘real world’ when searching for plot holes.

              • Summer Tyme
                Summer Tyme  1 days back

                RT’s best reviewed film of the year - for a popular (widely released) film...

                *The website famous for combining critics' scores recently gave out its “Golden Tomatoes” awards, and one of the films to earn a prize was Avengers: Endgame. The movie won “Best Wide Release Movie 2019*

                • Mujahid Syed
                  Mujahid Syed  1 days back

                  Did he just sin the "Avengers, assemble" line?

                  • Summer Tyme
                    Summer Tyme  1 days back

                    He's waiting for appreciate of his real humor ie fart jokes. 😂

                • The Fowl
                  The Fowl  2 days back

                  There's a person called @SummerTyme going allll over the comment section tryna defend this movie... And while it's awesome there's plot holes
                  If you're watching this
                  I'm a Marvel fan calling out a dumbass Marvel Fanboy/Fangirl who's spreading the idea that fans can't take criticism

                  • The Fowl
                    The Fowl  9 hours back

                    Also the fact that you have to force yourself to act so smug and constantly try and belittle the opponent to prove yourself that you're the right one and the opponent is just some dumbass...
                    Who the hell are you calling insecure lol that's literally you!!(also using emojis to actually convey the false smugness... It's just too easy)

                    Also come on... Marvel already has a bad record of fans going lengths to defend anything and everything Marvel even Thor the Dark World.... It's better calling out you rather than having more people stereotyping "normal" Marvel fans that love the movie and accept it's flaws
                    You do realize that's allowed?
                    People are allowed to have opinions?
                    People can hate this movie because they found Rhodey's arc kinda retarded and you while you're allowed to try and change that you aren't allowed to belittle em for their opinions.... Cuz it's their mind

                  • The Fowl
                    The Fowl  9 hours back

                    Kek moving on we have the fact that they ignored how ONE Pym particle to transport Thanos' whole ship aside from the fact that Evil Nebula took it with her to go to the present. Sure you could say they duplicated it... Then so could the Avengers... Sure figuring out time travel isn't difficult but figuring out how to produce Pym Particles even with Tony Stark and Hank Pym's research lying somewhere in his home or lab... IMPOSSIBLE CAN'T BE DONE NOPE

                    And if Thanos stole more.boom! New timelines
                    And seriously... The dumbest of em is how nobody figured out... "oh we can just go back in time and get more Pym Particles and then continue the job without the false sense of risk and anxiety"... Even tho it's literally what they do later
                    Nobody thought of that?
                    Not super spy Natasha?
                    Genius billionaire Stark?
                    The man with a plan Cap?

                  • The Fowl
                    The Fowl  9 hours back

                    Well k... Lol going out to personally attack someone... Damn you really can't take criticism

                    First of all how about we start with the first plot hole- The people who moved on in the five years and got new families

                    Second- Ignoring the fact that most alternate timelines should be closed cuz Cap went back and put things in their place we have Disney releasing shows focused on Loki

                    Third- The clumsy time mechanics
                    According to the movie.. Everytime you disturb something in the past it creates a new alternate timeline
                    Time in the quantum realm is shown to be relative which is why Scott felt 5 hours but Janet Van Dyne spent whatever she did

                    Also also it's shown that Cap has to return the stones.... So when does he do that? By the movie's logic he has to return em which I'd assume is after Nebula or the rest steal it... But there's the butterfly effect so the alternate timeline's starting point would be the outside effect.. aka the existence of a second Nebula or Rhodes in that timeline... If Cap just returns the stones then Peter stays unconscious cuz they bonked him and it's still an alternate timeline where Ronan captures him.. if he stops Nebula which IS the start of the other timeline it starts up another where Cap has to explain why he stopped em

                  • Summer Tyme
                    Summer Tyme  1 days back

                    Zero Endgame plot holes and counting..... where is all this *fandom* that the FOWL claims to be speaking for then? 😂 The only plot hole so far is his own ->the "case of the missing-fandom" 😂

                • Benjamin Tomlin
                  Benjamin Tomlin  2 days back

                  FUCK YEAH my favorite part is minus 5 sins!

                  • Henry Park
                    Henry Park  2 days back

                    20:13 That’s a REALLY GOOD POINT

                    • Summer Tyme
                      Summer Tyme  2 days back

                      Henry Park : It’s a ridiculous point. It’s saying that Tony Stark can’t snark, or sarcast or salt. Anything involving humor that’s really anger - is impossible because humans aren’t intelligent enough to process human psychology. 😂

                      So much of CinemaSins junk commentary is like that. *You are requiring films to be written to the lowest common denominator intellect.*


                  • Parker Kolacinski
                    Parker Kolacinski  2 days back

                    Wow you just made a back to the future refrence without realizing it

                    • Anthony Lopresti
                      Anthony Lopresti  2 days back

                      This was def worth the wait, this movie was total dog s*** biggest letdown ever for a sequel. Idk which was worse tho, meet the fockers was pretty bad too

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  2 days back

                        Anthony Lopresti The video was a dud. The movie was brilliant. You’re late to a party that never happened. Lol

                    • AND ME
                      AND ME  3 days back

                      Tony told cap, ant man, and Natasha that he has already looked in to time travel and it won’t work... he even gives a few examples why... deutsch proposition (it can be misunderstood to mean he knows how Scott will fail, but in reality he is explaining the problems he’s already encountered... once Scott tell him about the quantum realm and he gets more info to work with, he figures out a way to work around the issues he was facing before. So yea, he solved time travel in one night... but it’s not like that’s the first time he started working on it... one night with pertinent info.

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  3 days back

                        The reason people say Tony Invented time travel is because *he* says that. But Tony is both sarcastic and narcissistic - so he would say that, especially if he is building on Hank Pym’s tech, since it’s a common conflict in their story that Stark’s steal Pym’s work. No doubt Tony is a super genius - that’s his super power - but the point is, there is more explanation for how Time Travel is developed in the Avengers than in all of Terminator, and Back2theFuture, or X-Men for example.

                        I get that it’s easier to drive your Delorian to 88 MPH, get hit by lightening and then say - $crew it...whatever. 😂

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  3 days back

                        AND ME : He only solves *one* aspect of the issue - but he definitely doesn’t invent time travel.

                        Time Travel in MCU is.....

                        Hank Pym’s sub-atomic particles - which can shrink you into the Quantum Realm.
                        Janet Van Dyne’s discovery of time Vortex’s within the Quantum Realm.

                        Pym’s Quantum Bridge and suites which can retrieve a person from the Quantum Realm alive.

                        Scott Lang’s experience with getting caught in a time vortex in the Quantum Realm from which he comes up with the idea of time travel.

                        Professor Hulk who finds a way to send time (vortexes) within the Quantum REalm - thru people - so the that time can move *both forward and backwards* through the person.

                        Iron Man then develops a space-time-GPS which can send people thru the time vortexes instead of time thru people.

                        Finally - it’s possible that IronMan learns of how to build his space-time GPS from Nebula - as they use similar technology to send the Beacon thru space back to Earth, which is how Captain Marvel rescues them.

                        In turn this explains why no aspect of this technology was esp. difficult for Thanos to reverse Engineer if Nebula/and therefore Thanos technology partly inspired Tony’s developments to begin with.

                    • Summer Tyme
                      Summer Tyme  3 days back

                      *Honey I shrunk the Universe*
                      Clearly the idea that there could ever be something like Pym particles which could allow you to shrink into a size so small that you basically fall out of our universe, then slip thru time vortexes only to expand into another universe, based on your past - but in fact consisting of an alternate reality, is the silliest idea ever. Right? And yet....

                      “Most physicists agree on the big-bang theory, which says that 14 billion years ago the entire observable universe was “roughly a million billion billion times smaller than a single atom”
                      - Washington Post.

                      All the MCU’s fantasy Universe posits on top of the already stranger than fiction big bang theory is the following.

                      - > before the Big Bang there existed 6 singularities of space time “power” (ie matter and energy) mind, soul and reality.

                      -> When these singularities came to together - they implicitly caused the Big Bang.

                      -> It’s a fact that most of our Universe still can’t be seen or experienced directly - but rather only indirectly via Gravity (black holes).

                      -> The MCU’s fantasy universe posits that there exists a form of dark matter or energy - ie Pym particles capable of shrinking into this ‘dark matter’ and expanding back outwards in the form of alternate realities rooted in - but distinct from - an originating reality.

                      As a Sci Fi concept - the idea is really elegant.

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  3 days back

                        If the entire universe is born of something so small - that it barely even exists - something which even today - we could not detect as anything other than a gravitational anomaly - then how many other universes are there. And - how would we even know?

                    • AlexSports
                      AlexSports  3 days back

                      Everyone else: Actually watches the movie for a certain price

                      Me: Watches Cinemasins and Cinemawins and pieces together what happens in the film

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  3 days back

                        So, then you’re broke and can’t afford a ticket. 😎

                    • True_One
                      True_One  3 days back

                      We should give this 100 sins for existing.

                      • Laura Beth
                        Laura Beth  3 days back

                        Maybe I'm just dumb...but can someone explain to me how the time travel works? I think I kinda get it, but it's just so confusing for my average/below average brain.

                        • Laura Beth
                          Laura Beth  3 days back

                          @Summer Tyme Wow I just watched this video and it's super helpful! Thank you for sharing it with me it helped me understand a lot better

                        • Laura Beth
                          Laura Beth  3 days back

                          @Summer Tyme Thanks! You're the best!

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  3 days back

                          This video specifically explains the timelines in Endgame:

                          It is consistent with the facts in the film - and the directors explanation and has been up for almost 1 year, and never failed to answer questions related to the film.

                      • Stannis The Mannis
                        Stannis The Mannis  3 days back

                        Big sin you missed - how could Old Steve pass the shield on to Sam when it was destroyed by Thanos during the battle - did Old Steve have a new one built, did he steal the old one back in time etc.? Details man they are important!

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  3 days back

                          Stannis The Mannis That’s not a sin on the film. It’s a part of the story you just didn’t get, which is a sin on you.

                          It’s been explained over and over in these forums - read it. Or you can beg for it to be explained again - in which case you get another sin for being a lazy film viewer and a lazy CinemaSins forum reader too. 😂

                      • optimus prime
                        optimus prime  3 days back

                        You missed the biggest blunder in the movie...
                        1 million sins...

                        • Blake Bumbalough
                          Blake Bumbalough  3 days back

                          The on your left moment was amazing.. and I still...cant get through the ending without sobbing.. I've watched it so many times. And after going back and watching all of the films back to back it hits even harder.

                          • Martin Phipps
                            Martin Phipps  3 days back

                            Don't ask why Pepper needs to light a candle. You don't want to know.

                            • Adam
                              Adam  4 days back

                              I wish half the population would die.

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                *My favorite character was done dirty*

                                One of the reasons why all of the characters have tough consequences is because the inevitable whining would be otherwise deafening from fan boys complaining that their favorite character was being unfairly picked on.

                                Imagine if Tony doesn’t die - and Cap doesn’t get old - but Black Widow still dies for instance. Distributing consequences amongst all the OG Avengers effectively neutralized the majority of such whining.

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                  The film is about consequences, and sacrifice. Victory isn’t always possible, is sometimes incomplete, and comes at a high price. It’s not a comic book fairy tale - where things end up happily ever after - cuz - otherwise childish audience can’t take it.

                                  Grow up a little?

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                “They could have literally used the time stone to revive iron man”
                                “They could have literally gone back to when thanos had all the stones and took ‘em”
                                “They could have literally sacrificed the red skull”
                                “They could have literally gone back in time and grab Natasha and IronMan out of the past so they wouldn’t have to die”

                                Translation: If you’re going to say something that makes no sense whatsoever..put the word *literally* in front of it. It’s like ketchup! 😂 It “literally” goes with everything.

                                • Harry Chen
                                  Harry Chen  4 days back

                                  That lady is fucking Nick fury’s mum and I know it

                                  • KailumAsylum
                                    KailumAsylum  4 days back

                                    they literally could’ve sacrificed Red Skull....

                                    But nah

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                      Red Skull: You must lose that which you love.
                                      Knucklehead: So....we can sacrifice - *anything* then?

                                      *Monty Python: Search for the Infinity Gauntlet* 😂

                                      Oh, btw: This is the part where you reply back that you were only kidding all along, and obviously not *that stupid.* 😂

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                      KailumAsylum : ⬆️ Another knucklehead who can’t understand films. CinemaSins never fails...to fail. 😂

                                  • Sam Len
                                    Sam Len  4 days back

                                    How dare you make this video

                                    • Melissa B
                                      Melissa B  4 days back

                                      You can call the all-women shot pandering or fan service all you want to, but most women I know saw it a simple nod to all of us by the Russos: "We see you." As a dude, you don't have to get it, that scene wasn't FOR you. It wasn't about being woke or trying to make up for anything. It was just a moment, just a simple acknowledgement, and it meant a lot to many of us.

                                      • The Fowl
                                        The Fowl  8 hours back

                                        @Summer Tyme He's complimenting the scene.... Read?

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                        And this is why I have no respect for the idiots on this site who don't get this scene...or any other scene. They can't see past the fact that they hate Brie Larson. (who doesn't even have any dialogue in the scene!) Hatred has turned their minds into *rancid garbage.* 😂

                                    • Jason Lee James
                                      Jason Lee James  4 days back

                                      The whole Antman thing is ridiculous AntMan doesn't change his density so he would die if he tried to expand inside something more dense than himself. All that changes when he grows or shrinks is the space between his atoms and their size relative to each other not his mass

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                        Correct. What's funny is - some of these sins are actually derived from silly ideas that started as jokes. But really unsophisticated viewers have very limited ability to discern sense from nonsense.

                                    • Jônatas Barbosa
                                      Jônatas Barbosa  4 days back

                                      Thats not how time travel works.

                                      • JackOnTits
                                        JackOnTits  4 days back

                                        You were really nit picking

                                        • Summer Tyme
                                          Summer Tyme  5 days back

                                          How many still don’t get the point that when Thor puts his axe thru Thanos chest - that he doesn’t actually die because - he can’t. The full Infinity Gauntlet includes the soul stone making him immortal.

                                          How many don’t get the fact the injuries done to Thanos by Thor - are gone at the end of Infinity War because he has the Infinity Gauntlet - he has among other things, actually among *everything* - infinite healing via the power stone.

                                          Now here’s the critical point that separates the perceptive from the dullards. 😂... How many don’t get the fact that the damage done to both Thanos arm and left side and to the Gauntlet which *fuses* to his arm - *cannot be undone.*

                                          The damage is permanent - eternal - infinite. Even using the power stone to heal doesn’t work - because the damage simply reoccurs forever.

                                          If he were to try to undo the damage done to himself by snapping (using all 6 stones) - the result would probably kill him instead - as it nearly did when he snapped the second time.

                                          You can’t follow the logic of the narrative without understanding the above. But if you do - about a dozen questions which keep being repeated are easily answered.

                                          • Nichonite ‘
                                            Nichonite ‘  5 days back

                                            Nothing is wrong with avengers it’a something wrong with you 😱😱😱 evrything you say is bad is not bad your just saying they are bad for your damn video, and btw check aut chinemawins he sayes good things about moves 👍👍👍

                                            • Summer Tyme
                                              Summer Tyme  5 days back

                                              Most wins ever. Just like most box office ever. 😂

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  5 days back

                                            It’s fun to discuss the thoughts of Martin Scorsese - the great director and critic of Marvel films who *did not actually see EndGame or Infinity War.*

                                            In his excellent film - Irishmen - he is telling a story about time traveling super heroes - and- he doesn’t even know it.

                                            The character’s in both films revisit their past through different mechanisms but they are still time traveling - which is *exactly why Scorsese needed to use the de-aging* tech that Marvel helped to pioneer.

                                            And the character Deniro plays is as much a SuperHero/Vigilante as say - Black Widow - with *red* in his ledger, *just like hers.*

                                            And if anything Endgame has more of the stakes, consequences an psychological depth that Scorsese values - but of course - to paraphrase the *mad Titan*

                                            “Marty will never know - because he wasn’t there in the *cinema* to see it” 😂

                                            • Summer Tyme
                                              Summer Tyme  5 days back

                                              “With the Gauntlet you move towards it...with the double sided blade you run away” - Tony Stark.
                                              “Where’s Hoffa?” - Pesci
                                              “I’ll do you one better.... *why* is Hoffa?” - DeNiro

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  5 days back

                                            “She’s Got Help” - Okoye
                                            “It comes from a good place, but...” - Jeremey

                                            A place you didn’t understand, and didn’t even try to understand. You just tried to ridicule in ignorance anyway - because you knew you were at least throwing the haters a bone.

                                            Perfect example of everything wrong with CinemaSins. 😂

                                            • Chris Allie
                                              Chris Allie  5 days back

                                              Avengers 1 2 3 and 4 in 1 movie,what's gonna happen in avengers 5 ,will venom be involved

                                              • Chris Allie
                                                Chris Allie  5 days back

                                                Wtf is cheese whizz

                                                • Chris Allie
                                                  Chris Allie  5 days back

                                                  Damn if only time travel was a true thing.. They went thru shit to go back in time.. They should have used a delorian ...it's alot easier

                                                  • Summer Tyme
                                                    Summer Tyme  5 days back

                                                    Chris Allie Easier to understand - because it makes no sense. Like it’s easier to understand the world - if the world were flat and not round. 😂