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  • Published: 15 October 2019
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    We are making Cafe music for relaxation, for work, for study, etc.
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    📜 What is BGMC?
    Gentle light that shines through the blinds
    One glass of water after waking up
    The tender breeze from the window that we feel with all our body

    These things are too ordinary in everyday life to be conscious.
    But we can't live even if one of them is missing.
    "BGMC - BGM channel" has been providing music, hoping to be like them.

    Though it is colorless and transparent, we want to make the listener's daily life as colorful as possible.
    That is the essence of the music we deliver.

    Light, water, wind, and BGMC
    A new value for music.

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Comments • 37

  • JJorJaje
    JJorJaje  2 months back

    alrighty, got my coffee ready, and finally found one a bgm video that keeps me working instead of putting me to sleep. let's go!

    • Sunny Days
      Sunny Days  2 months back

      Cool weather and coffee is the best!

      • Hữu Phúc Võ
        Hữu Phúc Võ  2 months back

        jazzy feel, warm sound, nostalgic melody and background... damn u really are the best bg music channnel, cheers mate!

        • 鍾韓芳
          鍾韓芳  2 months back


          • Ria Shew
            Ria Shew  2 months back

            sooo autumn love it...thx a lot

            • R21GUNS
              R21GUNS  2 months back

              Okay, yeah, I've definitely decided, I have found my channel to study to. This music blocks everything out around me and helps me concentrate. And the music is beautiful! I put my headphones on, and immediately transported somewhere else. Thank you for sharing this music with us, it's beautiful <3

              • Mo&SweetMama
                Mo&SweetMama  2 months back

                I love Jass 💝

                • RX
                  RX  2 months back

                  doctor: you have about 5 hours left to live

                  • Carrah Easterly
                    Carrah Easterly  2 months back

                    Enjoying with a bowl of warm home made oatmeal and cooked apples. Beautiful autum day

                    • 大平陽子
                      大平陽子  2 months back


                      • 糖分控
                        糖分控  2 months back

                        Energetic music !! Thx u very much!!

                        • Top Notch Travel Videos
                          Top Notch Travel Videos  3 months back

                          Thank you for a wonderful start to the day

                          • Nora Garza
                            Nora Garza  3 months back

                            Warm & Wonderful Mellow Jazz!

                          • Helixisify
                            Helixisify  3 months back

                            Where can I by this playlist because I want to put it as my alarm sound....it would such a good way to wake up to this kind of sound

                            • 김민정
                              김민정  3 months back

                              I totally agree with u~ ^*^

                          • うまるズキさん
                            うまるズキさん  3 months back

                            🏠Cafe Music ~♪☕ (´∇`)ノ

                            • ivydog100
                              ivydog100  3 months back

                              Listening in New Zealand and making my ears very happy. :)

                              • Małgorzata Palus
                                Małgorzata Palus  3 months back

                                Hello. Beautiful autumn music. 🍂🍁🧡

                                • Enrico Busiello
                                  Enrico Busiello  3 months back

                                  Ecco questo è un buon inizio giornata

                                  • Alice Lezbiet
                                    Alice Lezbiet  3 months back

                                    who is watching in year 3042 A.D. ?? like my comment.

                                    • Oceane L
                                      Oceane L  3 months back

                                      Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne!

                                  • Four Season
                                    Four Season  3 months back

                                    Mmm autumn and hot coffee 🍁 beatıfull music 🍁🍁🍵🍁🎵🎵

                                    • Dion
                                      Dion  3 months back

                                      Apple Musicでダウンロードしました!自分の今年の秋は、勉強の秋。

                                      • ミミ
                                        ミミ  2 months back


                                    • PARICHEHR MANUCHEHR KHODAYAAR

                                      Delightful subtle music to kick start a new day in early autumn 😆Thank you very much 👍

                                      • Bronson lkm
                                        Bronson lkm  3 months back

                                        Thanks, beautiful lovely Jazz music tune is melodious! Sounds good n light, very refreshing and relaxing, nice to drink a cup of coffee with this sweet n smooth jazzy music!Best for stress relief, reading n relaxation. Awesome!☕🎶

                                        • None Stop Music
                                          None Stop Music  3 months back

                                          Crystal paradise 🔃⛰🎨🥂

                                          • Yoshi metal music ,music electronic and etc


                                            • Oceane L
                                              Oceane L  3 months back

                                              @DR. Suezette Aloysia and Carl Avery Cooper Huh?

                                          • Martin Moore
                                            Martin Moore  3 months back

                                            Can you play an early smooth jazz winter music next month?


                                            • Toshio Nishikubo
                                              Toshio Nishikubo  3 months back

                                              This is autumn in Japan .

                                              • いんくす
                                                いんくす  3 months back


                                                • Stephanie C h
                                                  Stephanie C h  3 months back

                                                  Lovely & Sweet !!

                                                  • Ricardo Jafé Carelli Fontes

                                                    Café & Bossa Nova R married ... Very Nice !

                                                    • Roberth Perez
                                                      Roberth Perez  3 months back

                                                      wow muy bonito