TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Angel Or Devil' Official MV


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    4.452.808 <3

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      ТХТ my love

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          Nem sei porque vi essa merda

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              txt .... gogogogogoogoooo

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                Los amo OKKK🥺🤧💖

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                  Ooooh shiiiiit them gloooovezzz 🤯🤩

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                    0:40 boy in lov
                    0:40 حركة بوي أن لوف

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                      Ola ibighit eu sou uma fa do bts do txt...
                      Eu queria pedir um favor de vcs colocarem mais seguranças para os meninos do bts pq o thaeyung esta sendo ameacando de morte nesse mes pq ninguem sabe oq vai acontecer nos eventos concerteza vcs estao ja estao sabendo disso mas por favor coloca mais seguranças em tds os eventos e shows deles em td lugar que eles vao por favor obrigada pela a atencao

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                        No help bts

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                          0:49 CUZ WHY THEY EAT THIS PART UP LIKETHAT

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                              o vocal do Tae, Beom e do Soo
                              o rap do Yeon e do Kai= td pra mim💖🌍

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                                90s VIBE ❤️it

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                                    EdieLouise  11 hours back

                                    2:12 ”if you don't like that, then how about this? Be a charmer at Noraebang”

                                    Noraebang- a private karaoke room

                                    ”dont wanna be away from you, can I be your pet by your side for 24 hours straight?” - Cat & Dog lyrics

                                    *if you don't like it then why don't you sing along to txt?*


                                    • EdieLouise
                                      EdieLouise  11 hours back

                                      (LONG POST!)
                                      In teasers Taehyun and Yeonjun were depicted as devils, Soobin and Beomgyu were depicted as angels, and Huening Kai was switching between both. In this MV you would think the outfits (black and white one's used at the start) mean Soobin and Yeonjun are angels and Taehyun and Beomgyu are devils. BUT, if you look at the animations, the original pairings are still the same with blue angels and red devils. Both duos are trying to persuade Huening Kai into joining their side (clearly shown at 0:15) but will he choose ANGEL OR DEVIL?

                                      Interesting Notes:

                                      0:38 BTS reference (Saying their song title ”Boy In Luv” along with a lyric from that song and the corresponding choreography)

                                      0:46 Huening Kai says ”no way” to speaking like an angel

                                      1:45 in red (devil) lighting Yeonjun beats Huening Kai in an arm wresting contest (overpowers him) while Taehyun walks up to watch and Soobin and Beomgyu sit still. Then, with normal lighting, Taehyun and Beomgyu watch as Yeonjun looses the match to Soobin and Huening Kai walks up to watch. Soobin and Huening Kai switched clothing and they do not switch back for the rest of the MV

                                      2:00 Moebius strip is a strip of paper cut in a way that makes it have one side, the formation they're in reflects this. The ”worries” of the strip is the worries of only having one side (not choosing between angel and devil)

                                      2:09 Beomgyu shoots Huening Kai with blue (angel color) but Huening Kai absorbs it as red (devil color)

                                      Outfits used in the warehouse (0:28) are the same outfits from their teasers

                                      In Beomgyu’s teaser he was walking on a shoelace tightrope with red (devil) around him. He eventually made it from the left shoe to the right and a blue (angel) halo appeared above his head. ”left foot is more comfortable” - New Rules lyrics ”I think I grew up on the right foot” - 20cm lyrics. Beomgyu was a devil who changed his ways to an angel (which is why his black and white outfit is black despite being an angel associated with blue and halos). His special case is why he was the only one who's teaser was released on a different day (his was on Nov 23 and everyone else’s was released on Nov 27) you can see him choosing angel over devil at 1:26

                                      In Yeonjun’s teaser he is tossing things into a cup with red lighting and gets angry (is animated as a devil) when Beomgyu comes up and tries to help put things in the cup (maybe telling him to be an angel too?) Yeonjun being a devil dressed in white is for a different reason than Beomgyu being a angel dressed in black, Beomgyu changed from one to the other but Yeonjun is trying to pretend to be an angel. This explains why he is wearing white but unlike Soobin (a true angel) his shirt has a bit of black. This is similar to Beomgyu who is in all black but has white on his gloves. 2:31 shows him trying to pass as an angel. At 2:56 he is also disguised. He has horns at first but they are crossed out and change to a halo as a shadow covers his face. His blue hair is also part of the disguise since blue is the angel color.

                                      Soobin is an angel with no disguise. He is the one who beats Yeonjun in the arm wrestling match (pure angel beats fake angel). His white outfit (angel) matches with his angel representation in his teaser. 2:21 is a clear angel representation (halo and wings), a contrast to 2:30 where Yeonjun is clearly a devil (horns). 3:38 Soobin makes the same choice as Beomgyu (1:26 parallel) at the end, he is the one shown as the angel and Taehyun is the devil. In Taehyun’s teaser (the devil with no disguise) he tricked Soobin with the fake glass. In Soobin’s teaser he is seen arranging red (devil color) balloons into the shape of a heart. He is trying to turn bad into good.

                                      Taehyun, as stated above, is the non-disguised devil. When he is center this is easy to see, 1:06 2:38 3:18. Of you notice, the fire gets bigger each time, he could be becoming more and more evil

                                      Huening Kai is undecided on if he should be an angel or a devil
                                      Taehyun is a devil looking like a devil
                                      Beomgyu is an angel looking like a devil
                                      Soobin is an angel looking like an angel
                                      Yeonjun is a devil looking like an angel

                                      1:53 and 3:16 shows these pairings perfectly (recommend slowing down playback speed)

                                      BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY- A TXT THEORY

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                                        EdieLouise  11 hours back

                                        0:38 ”Boy In Luv” mentioned with same lyrics and dance move

                                        Me: INTENSE SCREAMING

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                                          Like si eres army

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                                              MOAs fighting

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                                                  The song is sooo cool

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                                                        los amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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                                                          Like si eres army y moa 💜♥️

                                                          • •Lil' Waffle Burrito•

                                                            when the subtitles said "Hands are shaking because of the handwritten letters"

                                                            *my hands started shaking*


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                                                              I wanna see a 3rd album of txt

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                                                                porque en el segundo 0:39 el de en medio baila una parte de boy in luv de bts?

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                                                                  Ángel or demon king anime

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                                                                      0:39 boy in luv

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                                                                        This is a good song! 😳😂

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                                                                            Beomgyu getting into those bad boy feels lowkey reminds me of taehyung.

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                                                                              You like bts Like = yes Comment = no On my own yes.

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                                                                                AND THEY SAid love ya 3000 wtf

                                                                                • zaniyah jackson
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                                                                                  no they did not just fucking use 'BOY WITH LUV" IN THEIR FUCKING SONG I LOVE KPOP

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                                                                                    beomgyu in this eye-

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                                                                                      They all are so damn cute that I just want to babysit them for a day♡

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                                                                                        I can't chose

                                                                                        Soobin area ? like
                                                                                        Yeonjun area ? like
                                                                                        Beomgyu area ? like
                                                                                        Taehyun area ? like
                                                                                        Hueningkai area ? like

                                                                                        I would say Yeonjun, Taehyun or Hueningkai and you ?

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                                                                                          still confused as to why this has 5.6k dislikes.
                                                                                          txt's music and dance always draws me in and gets me addicted to the point i can listen to one song at least 60 times in a day and not get tired of it

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                                                                                            I love youuuı love youuu

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                                                                                              Eu tô muito apaixonada nesse MV AAAA perfeição

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                                                                                                احبكم ياtxt 4aver

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                                                                                                  Who loves sobin? Like ❤️❤️