Crazy Unicorn Buck Rattled In! Bowhunt or Die Season 10 Episode 50


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  • Robert Maguda
    Robert Maguda  4 weeks back

    That's an awesome buck and you did a great job calling him in and placing your shot. Well done!

  • Jack Hale
    Jack Hale  1 months back

    You guys should post a pic of the skull cap. Ive Always wanted to see one

    • 13AaronT
      13AaronT  1 months back

      Coolest episode ever! BHOD

      • Landon Bragg
        Landon Bragg  1 months back

        I shot one like this the only thing was instead of jt growing from its forehead it was on the back of its head behind the left anyler

      • Eigbrett Outdoors
        Eigbrett Outdoors  2 months back

        That was literally perfect

        • Jake H
          Jake H  2 months back

          Sorry for being late.. but does anyone on BHOD use a canon xa11 or had previously used one? I self film my hunts and for Christmas was looking into a new camera and wanted opinions on it. Thank you!

     2 months back

            Yes! A few of our guys have used that camera. Very solid.

        • skip fitz
          skip fitz  2 months back

          so why are you whispering when the buck is down

          • Troy Spolum
            Troy Spolum  2 months back

            To try to limit how many other deer I would be educating of my stand location. The less disruption the better especially in the stand. My buddy Tim still hadn't harvested a buck so I wanted to limit the noise as he was going to be out the next day. Ultimately he harvested one this past weekend from the same stand. While being quiet may not help much with all the commotion it can't hurt.

        • TheHotandshot91
          TheHotandshot91  2 months back

          Awesome video man and including your family is the best part

          • Troy Spolum
            Troy Spolum  2 months back

            Thanks and yes I really enjoyed having the fam there. Can't wait to get my kids into it but want to get them comfortable with the experience of harvesting an animal early.

        • Isaac Mills
          Isaac Mills  2 months back

          That buck at 8:30 will be a stud in a few years.

          • aronsrb4815
            aronsrb4815  2 months back

            Wow.... that little buck at 8:50 is going to be a stud some day

            • BAims
              BAims  2 months back

              Lot of good up an comers

              • Archery Hunter Mike
                Archery Hunter Mike  2 months back

                That’s how my bruiser came in also this season he can flying in and I barely had time to draw back in time. I got him to stop at 20 yards and laid a nice heart shot on him it was all over within 8 seconds! Congrats on your giant man. What a beauty.

                • Troy Spolum
                  Troy Spolum  2 months back

                  Thanks Mike and sounds like your experience was exciting as well. Congrats!

              • Jamie Green
                Jamie Green  2 months back

                Awsome buck, you will have to go get another one now😂👌😎

                • jlkidd25
                  jlkidd25  2 months back

                  I'm confused as the hole in the deer is way higher than where the shot "looked" to have gone in?

                  • Troy Spolum
                    Troy Spolum  2 months back

                    @jlkidd25 I think we have some on our website. I like them a lot.

                  • Troy Spolum
                    Troy Spolum  2 months back

                    @Bradley Gregg no worries all good. Thanks!

                  • jlkidd25
                    jlkidd25  2 months back

                    Troy Spolum you made a great shot. Especially the fact that once you rattled he was up on you within 10 seconds. Great camera work and keeping calm to make the nice shot. This was my favorite video of the year so far, congrats and job well done. I’m up in the Chicagoland area, I’d die if I saw that guy by me. I like your tag holders tho, I need to get those. Way easier than trying to zip the tag itself.

                  • Bradley Gregg
                    Bradley Gregg  2 months back

                    Troy Spolum I believe you. I said “looks”, wasn’t trying to cast doubt. Apology for coming off that way. Nice buck

                  • jlkidd25
                    jlkidd25  2 months back

                    Troy Spolum ah, yeah good point. Really cool hunt overall. Great deer

                • BigSexy ManBear
                  BigSexy ManBear  2 months back

                  8:00 Holy Cow! Can't wait to see him in 3 years!

                  • Josh O'Brien
                    Josh O'Brien  2 months back

                    That's why they shoot huge bucks. They let the young ones grow! Not many hunters are letting that deer walk.

                • Shawn Morgan
                  Shawn Morgan  2 months back

                  I’m hanging it up at the end of this week! My 5 hit listers are dead! I have seen one deer in 2 weeks! Going to get the ice fishing stuff ready to rock!

                  • Jack TheDiamondDog
                    Jack TheDiamondDog  2 months back

           I am only eleven and I got my first buck about a week ago. I will never forget that moment. Your videos inspire me to keep hunting.

             2 months back

                    Oh no! 😥 Seems like it's been a tough season so far for you! Haha, good luck fishing!

                • Kaum Muas
                  Kaum Muas  2 months back

                  How did all that blood get on the antlers?...

                  • Troy Spolum
                    Troy Spolum  2 months back

                    It came from his last breaths when he was laying there to expire. The angle of the shot was ever so slightly quartering so the entrance hole faced forward a bit. Since I caught the back of the lung when he took his last few breaths the blood came spraying out that entrance and the angle has it spraying it all over his head and antlers.

             2 months back

                    I would say Greg is probably right. Or he could have been thrashing around as he crashed to the ground. That Spitfire XXX leaves a really big hole and blood could have been coming out in large quantities.

                  • Gregory Gofuckurself
                    Gregory Gofuckurself  2 months back

                    Usually when they bleed from the mouth while running away after the shot is how it gets on the antlers..

                • 2bonosc
                  2bonosc  2 months back

                  Great shot! Excellent hunt congratulations!

                  • Olivia Mooradian
                    Olivia Mooradian  2 months back

                    Great rut hunt!! Loads of bucks, hope I get some of your luck this rifle season!

                    • JOSHUA BLANKENSHIP
                      JOSHUA BLANKENSHIP  2 months back

                      Never seen a basket 12 point haha

                 2 months back

                        Definitely a future stud, for sure! Todd was losing it just thinking about that bucks potential!

                    • Jacob Neill
                      Jacob Neill  2 months back

                      Nice hunt well done congrats on a beauty

                      • Real Life Hunting
                        Real Life Hunting  2 months back

                        I had shot a deer that had an extra small antler like that as well but not centered in his head

                        • Josh O'Brien
                          Josh O'Brien  2 months back

                          Weird question here because he's been gone a few seasons but what happened to Richie Music? Was that his name? His hunts always interested me.

                          • Josh O'Brien
                            Josh O'Brien  2 months back

                   thanks for the reply! Been a loyal follower since season 5 and watched all the previous episodes as well! Awesome content Todd, Justin, and the crew!

                     2 months back

                            He resigned from the team and moved on to other things.

                          • BigSexy ManBear
                            BigSexy ManBear  2 months back

                            I liked Tunes as well

                        • The Canadian Harvesters
                          The Canadian Harvesters  2 months back

                          Damn.. can I get your property 😂

                          • Garrett Rader
                            Garrett Rader  2 months back

                            The Canadian Harvesters same here, we can split it🤣

                        • Monte Maguire
                          Monte Maguire  2 months back

                          Nice shot .u should leave the blood on the antlers . looks awesome just kidding

                          • John N
                            John N  2 months back

                            Great hunt Troy!! Congrats! I watch bowhuntordie and it makes me want to go hunt! I'll be out hunting on Thanksgiving! Bowhuntordie! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

                            • Troy Spolum
                              Troy Spolum  2 months back

                              Good luck John and Happy Thanksgiving

                          • Jeff Allen
                            Jeff Allen  2 months back

                            "Tim who" lol 😂

                            • Jeff Allen
                              Jeff Allen  2 months back

                              Tod needs to keep his hit listers in check lol I'm sure he'll get it done

                       2 months back

                              That's basically all Todd kept saying in our team's group chat! 🤣

                          • tom
                            tom  2 months back

                            What time did you shoot him?

                          • william burt
                            william burt  2 months back

                            What sight is that you are using

                          • caleb scott
                            caleb scott  2 months back

                            That buck at 8:50 will be a freak holy hell

                            • dablaug ntxim ntxub
                              dablaug ntxim ntxub  2 months back

                              give him 4-5 yrs and damn he'll be a monster non-typical buck for sure.. the only thing wrong with him is, he not wide that's all.

                            • caleb scott
                              caleb scott  2 months back

                              Troy Spolum I’m in Adams county, so maybe if he starts heading my way now, he might make it to my place by the time he’s mature 😂 I wish lol hope to see him put down here in the future

                            • Troy Spolum
                              Troy Spolum  2 months back

                              I'm hoping so!

                          • PaulieB TDO
                            PaulieB TDO  2 months back

                            Awesome Hunt.

                            • Robert Curtin
                              Robert Curtin  2 months back

                              Beautiful shot Troy👍
                              I wanna go look for another one too.✌️🍀

                              • Matthew Habrat
                                Matthew Habrat  2 months back

                                I'm watching this at 666 views.. odd coincidence talk about unicorn

                                • Jay_Miller
                                  Jay_Miller  2 months back

                                  Man! What a blood bath! Awesome deer

                                  • Dan Egan
                                    Dan Egan  2 months back

                                    Check out the Hawk Crawler deer cart. Bought it this year and its a life saver.

                                    • Caleb Holmes
                                      Caleb Holmes  2 months back

                                      Such a unique deer

                                      • Geno Bielawa
                                        Geno Bielawa  2 months back

                                        Great job love that you brought the family nice buck

                                        • Jacob Stavish
                                          Jacob Stavish  2 months back

                                          gosh wish i could shoot deer like they do

                                          • Jacob Stavish
                                            Jacob Stavish  2 months back

                                            @Hussar same with our area it’s hard to find a big buck

                                          • Hussar
                                            Hussar  2 months back

                                            @Jacob Stavish Darn right. And where I live and hunt, you can go a long time without even seeing a deer. I'd be excited to see a legal buck at this point.

                                          • Jacob Stavish
                                            Jacob Stavish  2 months back

                                            @Troy Spolum yeah i guess i really don’t care what i shoot because you can’t eat antlers lol deer meat just tastes good and deer hunting is fun

                                          • Troy Spolum
                                            Troy Spolum  2 months back

                                            Trophy is in the eye of the bowholder Jacob. Shoot what gets you excited. I'm blessed to have some great property but that's not an option for most but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great hunting experience no matter the score/size/sex/age of the animal.

                                          • Jacob Stavish
                                            Jacob Stavish  2 months back

                                            @Hussar yeah I shot some deer this year they weren’t monsters though a doe with my bow and a little spike with a gun

                                        • Brian Schrift
                                          Brian Schrift  2 months back