Introducing the You Up w/ Nikki Glaser YouTube Channel


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  • Comedy Central
    Comedy Central   2 months back

    You Up w/ Nikki Glaser has its own home on YouTube now. Head over and subscribe to the channel now for new videos every week:

    • Philippe Maron
      Philippe Maron  2 months back

      Nikki's beautiful and has something to say, Im impressed!

  • Krizia
    Krizia  2 months back

    FINALLY!!! Glad this has its own channel now ❤️

    • StripedTiger
      StripedTiger  2 months back

      Bonfire channel pleeeeease

      • Michael Kahn
        Michael Kahn  2 months back

        This trash show gets a channel and not bonfire?

        • Jason Gastrich
          Jason Gastrich  2 months back


          • Neha Sinha
            Neha Sinha  2 months back

            Never clicked subscribe so fast. Finally!

            • Bob Jones
              Bob Jones  2 months back

              Can I subscribe 30 times?

              • Nick Zuck
                Nick Zuck  2 months back

                uhhh jaaaackpot

                • barkevvv
                  barkevvv  2 months back

                  where tf is the bonfire channel

                  • Stephen Erdley
                    Stephen Erdley  2 months back

                    We get it, she's blonde and talks about fucking. Her audience is highschool boys, and 40 year old virgins. She's not funny, and her guests are dipshits.

                    • John Martin
                      John Martin  2 months back

                      Give me more bonfire

                      • Just Some Guy
                        Just Some Guy  2 months back

                        Holy shit, this is gonna kill Big Jay Oakerson, The Bonfire better get its own channel or what happens at SantaCon will happen at Comedy Central

                        • LAKSI
                          LAKSI  2 months back

                          If you are a good person, and do not feel sorry for others then help me finish off 50 subscribers.🙏

                        • Alex Jones
                          Alex Jones  2 months back

                          Nikki is not funny

                          • Aubrey Drank
                            Aubrey Drank  2 months back

                            Not hot either, but someone still wants to fuck her, that's why she has a career.

                        • pisacenere
                          pisacenere  2 months back