Steam Remote Play Together Event - Devolver (rebroadcast segment 03 of 10)

  • Published: 23 November 2019
  • SirActionSlacks hangs out with friends from all over the world to demonstrate the new Steam Remote Play Together feature.

    Playing Devolver with Sunsfan, Sheever, and Jayhem
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  • MrPie 28
    MrPie 28  3 days back

    Can you please add an anti-cheat into TF2 instead of playing

    • The3EyedGamer
      The3EyedGamer  1 weeks back

      Hey there! Amazing video! This channel is what inspired me to start youtube. I was wondering if I could get a free vice because my family is struggling right now and I want one for my YouTube channel. Thanks!

      • Videogamer96
        Videogamer96  2 months back

        Everyone’s talking about Valve uploading again but no one’s talking about how amazing this interview is

        The rant about Fallout at the end was priceless

        • Felipe Coelho
          Felipe Coelho  2 months back

          How do you play with 4 or 3 players? it just requires each player to have a controler conected to the pc?

          • Spooky806
            Spooky806  2 months back

            Dear valve,
            This is the best idea ever! But there’s one question I’d like you to check out... what about tf2 (Team Fortress 2)? This is my most FAVORITE game you’ve made! I’m hearing A LOT of “valve doesn’t care about that game anymore” or “the only update you’ll see from tf2 now is Smissmas (I think I spelt that correct) and scream fortress. Please make a heavy update! Please make tf3 (Team fortress 3)! Please update the updated classes (Scout, Medic, Pyro, and that’s all I know of who’s been updated)! Don’t give up on this game!!! Don’t forget about this game!

            • Evo Wolf
              Evo Wolf  2 months back

              Bro, stop. Don't make yourself disapointed. just hope that the game doesnt fizz out in 5 years and just enjoy what we have for now.

          • Pirate2002Admiral
            Pirate2002Admiral  2 months back

            Team Fortress ,2

          • The Gaming Dice
            The Gaming Dice  2 months back

            Did valve just suddenly start uplaoding after like a year almost

            • Chupachu
              Chupachu  2 months back


              • Jirka Šraier
                Jirka Šraier  2 months back

                Somebody at VALVe doesnt understand how YTB f-ing works. DONT upload 10 videos in a row like nothing happens, that will make ppl hate your channel and unsubscribe.

                • Lord Tachanka
                  Lord Tachanka  2 months back

                  Can we have l4d3 tf3 hl3 portal 3 for god sakes

                  • SpinOfficial
                    SpinOfficial  2 months back

                    Oh my god valve counted to 3 half life 3 confirmed

                    • Purifie
                      Purifie  2 months back

                      Who else has been a fan of Valve before 2019?!

                      👇🏼Gifting my next 122 loyal subs a 🎁

                      • Alan Watts
                        Alan Watts  2 months back

                        Valve counted to 3

                        • ??
                          ??  2 months back

                          Who even asked for Remote Play Together? I know I didn't.

                          • Purifire
                            Purifire  2 months back

                            I did

                          • CED
                            CED  2 months back

                            Boomer, Ok

                          • Alan Watts
                            Alan Watts  2 months back

                            ?? It just allows people to play games like Guacamelee together

                        • I Am Hungry
                          I Am Hungry  2 months back

                          There are 4 player in this game and they are were from different country that's so cool

                          • cow moo
                            cow moo  2 months back

                            partner with stadia for game progress saving and more .make new better open world game with vibrant colour and landscapes with in game store and season pass for 2021. the real life games not good for long term, animated or better cartoon design will boost and future proof any game

                            • 0》Esteban Quito《0
                              0》Esteban Quito《0  2 months back

                              Portal 3

                              • SomeDudeOnThe Internet
                                SomeDudeOnThe Internet  2 months back

                                Cheese 10

                                • Nathan Chen
                                  Nathan Chen  2 months back

                                  heavy update

                                • ??
                                  ??  2 months back

                                  Add steam to xbox

                                  • ??
                                    ??  2 months back

                                    Half life 3

                                    • White African Space Jesus

                                      Oh yeah?

                                      • 0》Esteban Quito《0
                                        0》Esteban Quito《0  2 months back

                                        Left 4 Dead 3

                                        • Johnny Mnemonic
                                          Johnny Mnemonic  2 months back


                                          • Spy Guy Chip
                                            Spy Guy Chip  2 months back


                                            • Mana Zora_마나
                                              Mana Zora_마나  2 months back